Charlie the Rainbow Pegasus (and a special Anniversary)

You understand exactly how when people state that they feel like a huge youngster at heart, even though they’re technically adults? Yeah, I believe that’s a genuine thing, since I felt like a youngster masquerading as an adult all the method up with my early 30s.

There wasn’t one moment where I woke up as well as said, “Oh, gee! would ya look at that?? exactly how cool! I’m an adult now!” like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.


It occurred slowly over the program of a few years…

Even before I started believing of myself as a grownup, I still went to work as well as paid my expenses as well as did the routine adult jazz, however I never rather felt like an honest-to-goodness adult.

Then a couple of huge life things happened. The very first was my buddy Jen’s parents passing away, as well as the second was El Hub’s mommy getting cancer.


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The youngster in my heart didn’t disappear…but she had to let adult Karen take over for a while.

Every when in a while, youngster Karen lets me understand she’s still kicking around, though, like when I satisfied this stuffed blue pegasus with her rainbow mane.

Yeah, this was a Valentine’s Day present from El Hub.

Seriously, my friend, if you can, marry a guy who understands that you will obtain fantastic happiness from a blue pegasus since SHE has A RAINBOW LIGHTNING bolt ON HER BUTT.

This toy brings me happiness (just made a rhyme!). I’ve named her Charlie, as well as right here she’s posing for you with flowers.


P.P.S. Today — really this extremely day — marks the official eight-year anniversary of makeup as well as appeal Blog.

Yup, eight years back today I typed up my extremely very first post.

10,223 articles later…WE’RE STILL speaking about makeup as well as luxurious RAINBOW toys WITH LIGHTNING BOLTS ON THEIR BUTTS, LOL!

And I’m still typing “LOL” as well as utilizing ellipses…


Holy sh*t, right!? I’ve written a lot more than 10,200 articles over 2,900 days. I don’t understand if I must be embarrassed or proud!

Probably a bit of both…

You understand what, though? I’ve had fun. I hope you have too.

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