Retro Roundup: One Year back on makeup as well as beauty blog

Hey-hey-hey! I’m back in the Bay. hope you had a nice post-turkey day today. Did you do any type of Black Friday shopping?

Mine was a quite mellow day. We stayed the night in Redding as well as then took El Hub’s parents out to breakfast this morning at a location called the country Kitchen. Then, after method as well many buttery biscuits (SO GOOD!), we visited one of Redding’s tourist attractions.


Sjekk ut dette. It’s called the Sundial Bridge.

It’s a footbridge crossing the Sacramento River, which weaves with the town. Redding, from what I’ve seen of it, has a extremely quaint, country feel, as well as the bridge, with its smooth curves as well as modern, minimalist design, almost seemed a bit out of location at first, up until I walked out over the water as well as might take everything in.

I believed it was truly rather majestic as well as beautiful. I might have spent all the time there taking photos of the structure itself, the far-off mountains as well as the fishermen in their waders down in the river below…


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

After the bridge, El Hub as well as I got back on the road to home. It was a short go to this time, as well as I did miss my mom, dad as well as sibling down here, however it was likewise nice to satisfy more members of the family. I even got to talk makeup shop with a couple of the cousins.

I’d originally organized to compose a evaluation this afternoon, however I was beat from the drive when we got home…

Speaking of that, why are road trips so exhausting? It’s not like I was doing jumping jacks or anything in the car. just sitting there looking out the windows.

Not having it in me to compose a evaluation this afternoon, I believed it may be fun to take a trip down memory lane, so right here are a few of the things you as well as I were speaking about this time around last year. I see some Becca as well as Clarins, among other things…

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I can’t believe that was a year back this month. It feels like yesterday, doesn’t it?

Din Friendly Community Beaution Addict,


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