What’s Your “Bad Day” charm Routine?

Hei jenter. Do you ever have those days (or weeks!) when everything in your charm routine goes to hell in a handbasket? Suckage, right?

MBB reader Leah sent me a note asking for help dealing with those bad charm days.


Dear Karen,

I’ve been having a rough charm week. My skin is all wonky, my hair has been a very mess, my skin is dry, etc. I need your routine for those bad charm days when nothing seems to be going right.


Heya, Leah. I really wish I could claim to be one of those girls who never had days like that — you know, the gals who manage to look flawless from head to toe with ideal hair/skin/makeup 365 days a year? Yeah, I am sooo not that girl.

When I’m having a bad charm day and feeling tow’ up from the flo’ up, I go back to basics.

Hair: On bad charm days, the ponytail is my best friend.


Katter og sminke -sweatshirt ??

42 dollar

Handle nå

I’ll do one of two hairstyles…

If I have at least 10 minutes, I’ll flat iron a few sections in the front and on the top of my hair to smooth things out. Then, I’ll work a defrizzing product like Bumble & Bumble Brillantine ($20) through those sections to add some shine and finish. I’ll then pull my hair with a low ponytail and throw on a headband. fast and chic.

If I’m much more pressed for time and only have a minute or two to get ready, I’ll put my mane into a ponytail and hide everything below a cute hat. I’ll get some big hoop earrings (to draw attention away from everything else) and bolt out the door.

Skin: When my skin breaks out I reach for the same tried and true products I’ve been using for years.

To cleanse, tone and moisturize, I like gentle products and rely on viewpoint Purity Made easy face wash ($20), Clinique mild Clarifying lotion ($11), Shiseido SPF 55 sunblock ($37) and Dermalogica active moist ($50) for night.

I’ll also add some pimple combating treatments that I know won’t dry me out, like clean & clear advantage Acne spot treatment ($7).

Makeup: I’ll stick to the bare minimum.

First, I’ll hide my dark circles with concealer, fill in my brows and curl my lashes with a Shu Uemura curler and pop on some Stila Lash Visor waterproof mascara ($12.50) to open up my eyes.

Next, I’ll add a little color by sweeping cream blush on my cheeks and applying a shimmery gloss to my lips. Lately, I’ve been really loving NARS The multiple Orgasm cream blush ($45) and Chanel Tangerine dream Aqualumiere lipgloss ($25).

To finish, I’ll blot away any shine with some blotting paper; I like MAC Blot film ($12.50).

That’s my easy-peasy makeup routine, and it only takes five minutes.


Other stuff: I’ve discovered that drinking lots of water and getting a good cardio session in also makes a huge difference in my skin and my attitude when I’m feeling kinda blah.

Ladies, let’s give Leah a helping hand. What is your “bad day” charm routine? Please share it in the comments.

Din vennlige nabolags sjarmavhengig,


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