Dagen i skjønnhet, vol. 4: A Sasquatch Situation, benefit POREfessional immediate Wipeout Masks, as well as a infant Shower!

sometimes I feel like my beauty life is an episode of The X Files, since weird sh*t happens, as well as it occurs over as well as over again.

Like this morning. I got up, washed my deal with as well as grabbed a pair of tweezers to tweeze my brows, as well as when I looked in the mirror, I noticed that my brow circumstance had gone full-on Yeti.


How this happened, I have no idea, however it was a rainforest up there! They seemingly went from typical to jungly as well as overgrown overnight.

I see myself in the mirror every day, so you’d believe I’d pick up on these things sooner as well as be like, “Oh! Gosh, Karen, you’re turning into a Sasquatch…” however no. I’m obviously totally oblivious up until the someday when I look up as well as see a thick carpet of hair growing on my brows…and my upper lip…and my chin. as well as everything just comes outta nowhere.

Now if I might only get those hairs to migrate over to my lashes…


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

Anyway, this is all to state that I lastly tweezed today, as well as I feel like a whole new girl! It’s glorious!

I don’t understand if you tweeze, however if you do, exactly how picky are you about your tweezing implements? I’m super picky, however I swear by Tweezermans. I utilize the ones with the wedge-shaped tips to do my brows as well as upper lip hairs since I can grab a great deal at once, as well as for those stiff, hard-to-remove witchy hairs on my chin (I mean, let’s get genuine — all of us get the witchy hairs!), I utilize the ones with the sharp, pointy tips.

Did you understand that you can get your Tweezermans sharpened? Yeah, if you send them in, they’ll sharpen them as well as send them back (thing is, it takes a while), as well as I believe it may even be free!

I’ve never done it before, however I want to one of these days. If you’ve done it before, let me know. Jeg er nysgjerrig…

So, while I was tweezing the living daylights out of my brows this morning in the magnifying mirror (my finest buddy as well as worst enemy), I spotted a minor breakout on my nose, so I grabbed these new POREfessional immediate Wipeout Masks by Benefit, which I’ve been meaning to try.

Benefit the POREfessional immediate Wipeout masks
They’re $32 for eight masks, as well as they haven’t been around long. They’re designed to exfoliate as well as eliminate gunk from clogged pores on your forehead, nose and/or chin, as well as the star component is a type of mushroom extract that’s supposed to clean as well as shrink enlarged pores. as well as they likewise have a minty scent as well as menthol in them, so you get a bit of a crisp, cooling sensation, too.

Interesting packaging… When you press that huge blue button on one of the packs, a serum saturates the mask. then you open the pack, eliminate the mask, as well as pop it on your forehead, nose or chin for 10 minutes or so before eliminating it. as well as the leftover product on your skin? You just leave it there. No requirement to rinse.

They’re tingly! — however not, like, painfully so (like a few of those lip plumpers). however I definitely notice the tingle.

The masks themselves feel soft, cottony as well as comfortable. I’ve only utilized them when so far, however hmm… I dunno. perhaps a few of my pores look a bit smaller? My skin definitely does feel great though.

In other news, yay! — it’s Friday, which I’m extremely excited about since tomorrow I’m going to my parents’ home in Union City for my infant shower.

Baby shower… That term always makes me laugh, like the sky just opened up, as well as there’s a downpour of babies, LOL!

Do you ever do that? — have fun with the literal meaning of specific words as well as terms, like “self storage.” I mean, what would occur if you walked as much as one of those self-storage locations as well as said, “Hi! Yeah, I’d like to store myself for two days in one of your units please.”

The person at the front desk would be like, “What are you speaking about?” as well as you’d be all, “This is a self-storage place, right? Well, I want to store myself!” Lol! I truly hope I’m not the only person in the world who’s ever believed of this…

The shower is tomorrow, as well as I have absolutely nothing to wear. I’ve been using the exact same crop of pregnancy clothes for the past few months and, um, to be honest, I’m getting ill of using the exact same damned attire over as well as over… much as I like those Jessica Simpson pregnancy jeans, I’m so tired of using them. however I only have a bit more than a month delegated go, so I just gotta hang on… then I’ll have to get a lot of new clothes anyway since I won’t be able to in shape into any type of of my pre-baby woman things.

Gotta look on the sunny side of things, right?


I hope yJeg har en flott fredag, min venn. TGIF, sikkert!

Din Friendly Community Beaution Addict,


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