BEHOLD! The MAC Snow ball Collection extra dimension Eye shadows and face Powders

I’ll meet you at the Snow ball at midnight
Excuse me, miss, I’ve got an RSQ (Really severe Question) for you: are you ready to party like it’s 1997? If you are, get hold of your glow sticks and look out! — because it’s MAC Snow ball time. You have just been teleported straight into a Christmas rave circa 1997.

Party time, excellent!
The forgotten era of mid-’90s frost

I’d be ideal there with you, hanging out in all my skinny-brow’d and Adidas-shell-toed glory, as would Gwen Stefani, because what’s a late-’90s festive fantasy rave without Gwen?


It would have to be Gwen from the early No doubt days, of course, with space bun hair and jewels glued all over her face… We’d all be wearing frosty shadows from our lash lines to our brow bones, and shimmer and glitter for dager.

See, I think that often people forget that ’90s makeup wasn’t just about the mattes, because in the late ’90s, frost had a major moment. Lids and lips were fabulously frosty, and MAC Snow ball grabs that vibe, but have no concern — MAC updated it, so it’s fun, festive and current — not dated at all.


A two-part holiday collection

MAC holiday collections are normally big, and so is Snow Ball, which is organized two parts. There are the kits and sets, with the bags, palettes, brushes and whatnot, and then there’s the main makeup collection with the eyeshadows, lipsticks, face powders and false lashes.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

ÅH! There’s even a set of ’90s-style sparkly stickers for your face in the makeup collection! Gwen would absolutely approve.

In this post we’re chatting about the eyeshadows and face powders from the makeup collection. stay tuned for swatches of the lipsticks. I’ll have those soon.

Snow ball extra dimension Eyeshadows

OK, let’s start with the limited edition shadows, or, must I say the LE eye glosses? because these eyeshadows look like wet eye gloss, and IT’S AWESOME…

Oy, sloooow down, K. You’re getting ahead of yourself.

Alright, so, there are five of them, $20 each, and they’re in the MAC extra dimension formula. Being $20, they’re the same price as the extra dimensions in the permanent line. on that note, did any individual else notice that MAC hasn’t been tacking on extra $$$ for LE packaging lately? YES, MAC FAM. cheers for doing the ideal thing.

I wanna go to the extra Dimension, like ideal meow.
The stunning limited edition gold packaging looks like someone was having way too much fun and shattered a golden disco ball in the middle of the party…and then put all of the pieces back together haphazardly, which — big surprise — I absolutely love, because I wanna be the person smashing sh*t.

La det snø
Getting back to the formula, the extra dimensions are a different formula than the regular MAC eyeshadows. They’re incredibly soft, nearly like a gel-powder hybrid, and remarkably creamy and easy to blend. The Snow ball shadows are like the party girl/party person versions of the extra Dimensions. They have the signature extra dimension creaminess, along with a whole lotta holiday extras, like glossy finishes (OBSESSED), multiple color shifts (which is when the color changes depending on the light), and “good” (air quotes) glitter.

Yes, it sounds like it could take a perilous turn at any moment — like the makeup that gets marked 50% off on an end cap at Claire’s — but don’t exit this rave early, because everything is tastefully done.


Extra dimension Eye shadows in It’s Snowing, Frostwinked, delicate Drift, stylishly Merry, Starry Starry Nights
Don’t miss stylishly Merry

I’m all about stylishly Merry. Hvor begynner jeg? I can’t even tell what color it is half the time because often it’s pink, other times it’s copper, then, like, I’ll blink see gold. It’s complex.

On top of the color shift, it’s packed with plenty of golden glitter, which you’d think would catapult it straight into tacky territory, but it doesn’t, because it’s delicate YSL/Dolce/Chanel-style flecks. So foine! and very expensive-looking.

I’m wearing stylishly Merry on my lids, Frostwinked in the center of my lids and Starry Starry nights on my lash line. In the crease is good ol’ MAC Texture.
If you saw it on my lids from an arm’s length away, you’d ask me what possessed me to smear lipgloss on my eyes, because these shadows have the glossy, wet finish of a thick eye gloss, but they don’t have the stickiness or movement (which is a good thing).

Picture something from a high fashion spread in Vogue. It looks incredibly cool.

On my lips, I’m wearing Shimmer spice Lipstick from the Snow ball collection (lip swatches coming soon).
Yes, stylishly Merry has All. Av. De. Things, but they’re all balanced perfectly, and I love it. absolutely worth at least a dance a swatch.

Face Powders

Onto the two face Powders, which are $34 each. sammenlignet medØyenskyggene, de er relativt tamme.

Face Powder i Delighted GO DAZZLINGLY
Det er et gull og en varm fersken, både med mid-level perle og pigment. Du kan bære dem som rødme og / eller som highlighters.

Jeg liker et undervurdert kinnhøydepunkt, så jeg liker å bruke dem som highlighters. Som rødmer, alt jeg har å si er “porene, porene, porene.”

Ansiktspulver her kommer glede
Åh, jeg tror du kanskje kan til og med bruke disse ansiktspulver på lokkene dine også, fordi ansiktspulveret fra fruktig saftig samlingen var øyet trygt.

Jeg har brukt snøballen ansiktspulver til å gjøre et indre hjørne høydepunkt og som en pannebenhøyde (som er så 90-tallet), og de ser ut til å fungere bra på øynene mine.

Iført ansiktspulveret her kommer lykke på kinnene mine. På nesebroen og på min panneben har jeg på seg det andre pulveret, glad i å gå blendende.
Ansiktspulver her kommer lykke og glad, gå blendende


Så langt har jeg en ball med snøball! (Ja, det var en dårlig ordspill … Jeg beklager.)

Din vennlige nabolag appellavhengige,


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