5 ways to wear MAC chill

Yea! It’s MAC chill day, and I stole a few minutes with the MAC artists at a counter out here to talk about the new collection.

I was a little disappointed to confirm that the mysterious beautiful bronze shade from last week’s MAC chill swatch adventure is, in fact, not a part of the collection (shoot!).


Chill looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m waiting until I get home (and relying upon your impressions in the comments) to really delve into the collection, but I picked up a few eye looks to try.

MAC chill Eye look #1: Smokey and Silver holiday party Eye

For a holiday party smokey look, begin by applying the new Mont Black (black with gold flecks) on the lid with a MAC 252 flat Shader Brush. Next, add Apres-Ski into the crease with a MAC 217 Blending Brush, and then get the 252 again to highlight the brow bone with Vellum. finish the look by wetting a MAC 266 small angled brush with a spritz of MAC Fix+ (to intensify the color) and applying Arctic gray with it to the lower lash line.

MAC chill Eye look #2: Smokey and Silver holiday party Eye, version 2.0

For a little fun with pink eyeshadow, try lining the lower lash line with a mix of Arctic gray and Wintersky applied with a MAC 266 small angled brush (wet with MAC Fix+). Then, apply Mont Black, Apres-Ski and Vellum (an opalescent white and purple, a duochrome) in the same way as look #1.


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MAC chill Eye look #3: Smokey and Silver Club Eye

Basically a very amplified version of look #1. start by applying Blackground Paintpot onto the lid and just barely into the crease. Then, pat Mont Black directly on top with a MAC 252 flat Shader Brush. Next, apply Apres-Ski into the crease with a MAC 217 Blending Brush. After highlighting the brow bone with Vellum and a MAC 252 Brush, use the 217 again, this time to apply reflects transparent Teal directly on top of the Vellum. finish with a pair of MAC 41 lashes on the upper lash line.

MAC chill Eye look #4: Black and gray Day Eye

Apply Apres-Ski on the lid with a MAC 252 flat Shader Brush. Then, using a MAC 217 with a light touch, apply a sheer layer of Mont Black into the crease. Next, apply Vellum on the brow bone with a 252. To complete the look, apply a thick black line on the upper lash line using Penultimate Eye liner in Rapidblack.

MAC chill Eye look #5: easy gray Day Eye

With a MAC 217, apply Apres-Ski all over the entire lid. Then, with the same brush, apply Arctic gray directly on top of it.

More MAC chill Ideas

For a pale pink lip to choose each of the eye looks above, try layering Ice Scape Lipglass below Snowscene Lipglass.

If you choose taupe lips, try a layer of naked Frost Lipglass (a shimmery taupe) below Snowscene.

Reflects Glitters are a terrific way to ramp up your nail colors. They’re loose glitters, and the collection includes two different colors. To use ’em, dump a smidge of one of the reflects Glitters onto a piece of paper, and then dip your wet nail polish brush into it before applying to nails. try reflects transparent Teal with pink or clear shades and reflects Antique Gold with browns.

I Made a new Friend

This morning I went to take a shower here at my in law’s and found a gecko chillin’ in a glass by the sink. It was both creepy and amazing at the same time. They’re expected to be good luck. I’m not so sure, LOL!


I hope you had a beautiful Thursday. Friday, here we come!

Your friendly neighborhood charm addict,


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