For $15, Sephora Brings the Bling: The new Sephora Blinged palette Squeezes Some terrific pieces into a Bedazzling product

wearing the products in Sephora’s new $15 Blinged palette on my eyes, cheeks and lips
“Bling it.”

“Oh, it’s already been blough-it.”


Sorry… Made myself laugh.

So, what’s better than getting a terrific deal on a face palette with eight pigmented shadows, a perky pink powder blush and five flattering lipsticks?

How ’bout this: getting it all with a side of bling.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

No need to bust out your BeDazzler to bejewel the new limited edition Sephora Blinged Palette, because it already comes complete with sparkly rhinestones. It’s also pretty economical at $15.

Oh, how do I love thee, Sephora Blinged Palette? let me count the ways…

Falle ut? Hva er det? I hardly see any at all from these eight powder eyeshadows. worn with my beloved NARS primer. With the primer’s help, they’re a breeze to blend and last all day long on my lids.

I love the mix of matte and shimmer finishes and the brown, gold, peach, beige and green shades, which are nicely balanced between amazing and warm tones.

Only thing is, the high-shine shimmery shades have an appetite for fine lines — meaning they like to highlight ’em.

The blush
For en hyggelig overraskelse! It’s so smooth and natural looking.

The lipsticks
I wish these five unscented, unflavored lipsticks weren’t seated so close to the blush (such a pain), but I think the colors work so well with the palette that I’m willing to let it go.

Swatches of the eyeshadows (top row), the lipsticks (bottom row on the left) and the blush (bottom right)

Palettes come in all shapes and sizes, and if you’ve been at this a while, you’ve probably seen some wild and crazy packaging. Sometimes, though, the packaging is what puts an already good product over the top. That’s how Sephora’s new Blinged palette is for me.

You get a lot of product for a good price in pretty cute packaging, and even without the bling, these easy-to-wear, flattering pieces can hold their own. If you decide to get one for your BFF, might want to grab an extra one for yourself.

You know, next time you stop by Sephora “just to look around.”

PRICE: $15
AVAILABILITY: available now at Sephora stores and online at
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A +

That man is a trader! — but in a really good way

Got some new goodie recs for ya from Trader Joe’s! I’m currently obsessed with their Fresh linen Scent Hand Soap (which smells like clean laundry) and Pumpkin cream Cheese Spread.

The cheese spread? — delish! I had some this morning on top of wheat toast, and just thinking about it now makes me want to grab a spoon and eat it straight from the tub…

Really, no, it’s that good.

I was at TJ’s last Sunday, and they had a ton of holiday cookies on display. I resisted them at the time, but they’ve been on my mind ever since, especially those damn Dark chocolate Stars…


I wonder if Trader Joe’s is still open… Oh, probably not.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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