I purchased a few things off AliExpress…

pleased Groundhog Day! I believe it’s going to be an early spring this year!

Out of sheer curiosity, I put orders for some makeup accessories off AliExpress:

This expense me only $13.97 for all 7 brushes! (all costs are in Canadian dollars)  I’ve been wanting to try the genuine methods strong Metals brushes for a while now, however at $35 for just the flat Contour brush, I couldn’t validate the purchase.  It would have expense me $205 before taxes for all 7 brushes from the strong Metals collection. I mean, aren’t RT brushes meant to be a less expensive alternative?

I heard about this bit egg contraption to assist with clean cleaning from Christy over at Glam Necessities:

At $3.42, it was a bit much more expensive than some other listings for this exact same product however this was the from the exact same seller as the RT brushes, so for benefit sake, I just purchased it from that listing.

And would you look at this!

This only expense $1.56!!!  It’s certainly similar to the MAC Oval 6 Brush… when I get it I’ll do a side-by-side comparison.

A couple of other dupe products I got to test out:

Real methods miracle skin tone Sponge for $0.70, instead of $10 that I paid for the one I bought recently.

Nars Kabuki Ita clean – it’s so shameful this clean retails for $67, as well as it’s made in China.  Let’s see exactly how this $2.74 version compares!

Og til slutt:

This was the primary reason I went on AliExpress to begin with – I desired much more of the nail swatching spoons I had purchased off eBay before. They’re about 20% less expensive on AliExpress for the exact same thing.  I purchased 12 sets of this so I was able to get the bulk pricing also ($2.44 per 32pc set).  This product did fee a shipping charge of $6.57 because of the quantity I was ordering (I evaluated the check-out page – if I’d stayed under 4 sets, then shipping would have been free.  If I wished to game the system, I might have purchased 3 separate orders of 4 sets however for a few bucks I ain’t got no time for that! )

AliExpress is the company to consumer side of Alibaba (Ablibaba is much more B2B, selling in bulk) – the buying experience is just like eBay however without the bidding, whatever is just “Buy It Now”.  I understand people who have purchased off AliExpress with great results.  They bought garments as well as mobile accessories though… so I’m hoping these makeup accessories are decent. I purchased these on January 30th as well as shipping time is quoted to be anywhere from 15 to 60 days.  Although, I didn’t truly plan my purchases correctly since it’s coming as much as Chinese new Years, which implies many Chinese companies are closed for the next 2 weeks.

I would caution against purchasing any type of actual makeup products from AliExpress as they’re all understood to be fakes. metropolitan Decay, MAC, Lorac do NOT manufacture makeup products in China – it makes absolutely no sense that Chinese factories would have these “excess” products to sell.  Even purchasing no-name makeup from China is a bit risky – just who understands what components are in them?  The products aren’t regulated like purchasing from a reliable source / brand.  However, the brushes I purchased are produced in China, so it’s a tad more likely that these are from the actual factories.  So now, we wait as well as see…

Have you purchased anything off AliExpress before?

All product pictures are from their respective product noting page.

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