Does Estee Lauder’s Sumptuous waterproof bold volume lifting Mascara Pass the Treadmill Test?

Deep thoughts from the males of Casa MBB:

“You don’t need to wear lipgloss to bed, sweetie.” — El Hub

“Mjau. Mrrrroooow.” (Translated: “Woman, you need to supply gravy for me to pose for you. check the contract.”) — Tabs

“I just don’t see how wearing mascara while you’re on the treadmill is a needed thing.” — El Hub

There are soooo lots of things dudes don’t get — like why women need 10 pairs of black shoes (HELLO!), or why it’s completely rational to wear mascara during a workout.


Hva kan jeg si? I feel less Uncle Fester if I’m huffing and puffing with a lil’ bit of eye makeup on.

For today’s treadmill sesh I wore Estee Lauder’s new Sumptuous bold waterproof Mascara ($18.50, available in brown and black).

Aboard the treadmill


Katter og sminke -sweatshirt ??

42 dollar

Handle nå

Sumptuous waterproof (I have it in black) absolutely kills when it pertains to lifting the lashes and keeping a curl; eyes look w i d e and awake with it on.

More reasons to like Estee Lauder Sumptuous waterproof bold Volume…

Deep, rich color

Smooth, non-clumping formula

Lashes feel soft and light, not crispy or heavy (dontcha hate that?), with it on

With a good eye makeup remover like Bliss lid + Lash Wash, removal is a cinch; no scrubbing neccessary

And I gotta give props to Sumptuous waterproof for resisting smudging and flaking.

To see how well it performs in the waterproof department, I put it to the test today, popping on three layers before I went running on the treadmill.

Nekkid lashes

One layer of Estee Lauder Sumptuous waterproof Bold

Two layers of Estee Lauder Sumptuous waterproof Bold

Three layers of Estee Lauder Sumptuous waterproof Bold

Three miles and 30 minutes later, I was exhausted and dripping in sweat, but Sumptuous waterproof was still going strong. I saw a tiny bit of flaking along my lower lash line, but other than that it looked darn near best — no smudging or black color underneath my eyes, and my lashes still looked lifted and curled.

The stuff has a lot of good things going for it, but I can’t help but wonder why EL named it “Bold Volume.” Yes, it gives a obvious improve in volume, but I think they could’ve gone bolder… I’m a big lash kind of lady, though, so it might actually be bold enough for girls who like a less RuPaul lash. Still, it does the trick when I want natural lashes with a little bit of oomph, and that counts for something.

TIP: For a bigger, a lot more dramatic lash look, try layering Sumptuous bold on top of your favorite thickening mascara.

I wouldn’t mind if Estee Lauder lowered the $18.50 price, but at least it’s not in the $30 price range. If you’re trying to find a waterproof mascara to create natural-looking lashes with BAM, you might want to give it a go. makeup and appeal blog Rating: B+


Din vennlige appellavhengig i nabolaget,


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