Early Mornings, Late nights and crazy Cats Don’t Stand a chance against the Brightening Power of Chanel’s Convoitise illusion D’Ombre long wear luminous Eyeshadow

wearing Chanel Convoitise illusion D’Ombre long wear luminous Eyeshadow ($36) on my eyes
Raising. De. Tak. Late ’90s style, for this shimmery pale golden cream, which I particularly delight in on summer mornings when my cat wakes me up at 5 by using my boobs as his own personal obstacle course.

I think it’s the heat… It fires him up much more than usual.


“Kroppen din er et eventyrland.” — Tabs the Cat
Chanel Convoitise illusion D’Ombre long wear luminous Eyeshadow… now that’s a mouthful.

It has a soft, practically bouncy texture — less dense than a MAC paint Pot, but much more solid than a cream color from Tom Ford — and lasts about 8-9 hours for me. With the littlest flecks of golden glitter, the reflective finish is certainly shiny, but it stops short of full-on metallic.

Illusion D’Ombre in Convoitise ($36)
The first time I tried it was after a rough night when it was so hot in my bedroom that I spent many of the evening trying to make the backs of my knees stop sweating through sheer force of will (didn’t work). I must’ve gotten three, or maybe four, hours of sleep, and I looked broken down and squandered the next morning.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

I picked up Convoitise and popped it on my lids and along my lower lash lines, hoping the golden color would make me perk up.

Sho’ ’nuff, it did. I took a double take in the mirror. “Oh, hai, baby Karen!” “Don’t you look young and refreshed. I’ll be best back. I’m gonna go get you some milk and cookies and tell you cautionary tales about growing hard and cynical in your 30s.”

Ha! Sorry… Couldn’t resist.

Additional Chanel makeup worn in this look: Fandango Joues Contraste Blush, Mouche de Beaute Illuminating Powder, style Yeux waterproof in Purple Berry, Le volume de Chanel Mascara in 30, Rouge allure velvet Lipstick in La favorite and Glossimer in 108
I thought it might have been a fluke until I tried it again later that week and saw same bright/perky/take-10-years-off-the-clock effect.

Needless to say, I’ve been using this gold with gusto. It’s my favorite thing from the Les Delices de Chanel collection. I like it even much more than the Aqualumieres, which tells you a lot, because I really like those.

Too bad it isn’t permanent! I could see it becoming a staple of mine, like a cream version of MAC Ricepaper.

Pris: $ 36
AVAILABILITY: available now at select Chanel counters and chanel.com
Makeup and Charm Blog Rating: A +

Din vennlige nabolag sjarmavhengig,



P.S. try it sometime with the metallic mint shadow from the Chanel Délicatesse quad along your lower lash line. Så pen. SO refreshing.

P.P.S. Fireworks yet? They’re just about to start out here, and I think I’ll be able to see them a little from my deck. Hopefully.

Ended up not wanting to park down by the fair grounds to view them. We checked, but it was packed, and no easy parking.

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