The lazy Girl’s guide to Winged eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is one of my preferred makeup methods since it makes such a huge impact. It’s not always simple to do, though. In fact, in some cases it’s a freaking pain in the butt. Plus, when you screw it up, it’s difficult to save the rest of your makeup look.

For those days when I can’t shake the cute, bit young child hanging off my arm, or for the days when, out of pure laziness, I truly just can’t get myself to even attempt liquid liner, I utilize this simple method to get the exact same winged liner effect, however with a great deal less frustration!


Rather than utilizing a liquid or gel liner, I utilize an angled clean as well as a black or very dark brown eyeshadow like Black or Espresso from the Lorac pro combination since they’re simple to work with as well as very goof-proof.

By the way, I believe the very best clean of all time to utilize for this lazy girl’s winged liner is the MAC 266, if you occur to have one. It quite much does the work for you.

The Black shade in the Lorac pro combination is great!
One of my all-time preferred brushes!

Dip your angled clean in your shadow, then tap the clean against the side of your table to eliminate any type of excess. If you don’t do this, you’ll get all of that beautiful after effects on your cheeks instead.


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Next, utilizing a pressing motion, press the shadow into your lash line. I like pressing the color instead of sweeping it since I believe I get a much better, much more intense color payoff.

Press the shadow into your upper lash line
Now, angling your clean upward, make a line as if you were continuing your lower lash line. If you comply with that imaginary line, you’ll get the most lovely shape for your eye.

And I utilize a bit flicking movement at the end of the line to make sure I get a diffused tip.

Create a line complying with the lower lash line
The next step is a bit harder to explain, so here’s a quick video to show what I’m doing. Basically, I’m flipping my clean the other method round, as well as flicking it to fill in the shape of the line I want. Again, by utilizing that flicking motion, you get a quite diffused look, rather than a severe line. It’s has a pretty, soft look to it.

Your browser does not support the video tag.

Literally, that’s it! Du er ferdig! exactly how simple was that?

I will say, though, that having the best clean makes this a thousand times simpler if you’re having a difficult time with it. Jeg lover.

The completed lazy girl’s liner look!


This is typically the liner style that I like to utilize on brides who request winged eyeliner. I believe it looks a great deal softer as well as prettier as well as isn’t as severe as liquid liner can look.

Sometimes I’ll utilize a dark brown or even a plummy color, as well as and if I want to soften the line even more, I’ll take a blending clean as well as run over it a bit bit.

I hope this makes your life just a bit bit easier, as well as if you want, I likewise did a publish on my blog called 4 steps to ideal winged eyeliner utilizing liquid liner.

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