Swapping with DanniiJane!

pleased Valentine’s Day! Here’s a sweet post to make you smile. Back in December, I proposed the idea of a swap with fellow blogger, DaniiJane, of A beautiful thing blog.  Dannii lives in the UK, and I live in Canada so it was an opportunity for both of us to get our hands on things that would otherwise not be easily available to us. look at what Dannii sent to me!

We shipped our parcels out at the end of January and they arrived last week. as with previous swaps, I asked Dannii what types of items she was interested in receiving, and I gave her a few things I was interested in. She sent me those and then some!

• Soap & Glory bits: clean on me, Scrub of Your Life, The Righteous Butter, and Hand Food

• Zoella Ginger cream – this smells like gingerbread – yum!
• Flutter Strawberry Lip Balm – how cute is this?
• Soap & Glory Multi-Colour blush brick in love at first Blush
• Max element Creme Puff blush in nude Mauve
• Seventeen Mono Eyeshadow in rose Quartz – sadly, there was a casualty in the shipment. Dannii wrapped everything up carefully in bubble wrap but it seems this product is just very fragile. but no worries, I will still be able to use this like a loose eye shadow. I’ll just transfer it to a small jar.

The interior of the Soap & Glory Multi-Colour blush brick in love at first Blush.

• makeup revolution handbag #hacks Strobe, Light and Cheek

The kit includes a powder blush, cream highlight and a brush.

• makeup revolution luxury Powder in Banana – so thrilled about this, I’ve just started “baking” my under eye area recently.

• sleek i-Divine palette in Oh So Special, and Vintage romance – My first ever sleek palettes which I’ve pined after for eons!  Only after I opened the lid, I discovered that the black matte shade (“Noir”) in the Oh So special palette was chipped (lower best corner of the top palette) which made a bit of a mess, but after wiping off, it’s still completely usable.

• makeup revolution fortune Favours The brave palette – Oh Em Gee! This is one of the most hyped palettes of 2016. There’s such an outstanding range of shades in this palette, including some neat marbled / melange colours.

• Cadbury small Eggs, Dairy Milk and Crunchie bars and a beautiful butterfly card!  I’m guarding the chocolates from the SO… but he loves those small Eggs, maybe I will share a few with him!

Thank you so much Dannii for the thought and care you put into selecting these items for me! I cannot wait to dig into everything – you’re right, I don’t need another eye shadow palette for a long while! XD  Check out what I sent to Dannii over at her blog!

Have you tried any of the items I received? have you ever swapped with someone from another country?

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