Like Baskin-Robbins, The new permanent Line of MAC nail Lacquers comes in 31 Flavors

Dude, there are moments — like when you’re pulling up your Spanx and have to pause to take a breath — and there are MOMENTS. and ideal now, with the rise of runway nail polish coverage and nail art going mainstream, it seems like nails are having the second one, the one IN ALL CAPS!!! With exclamation marks!!!

You kids today… believe it or not, but there was a time when the only places you could get nail polish were drugstores (and dinosaurs ruled the earth!). Now, you can’t swing your Kate Spade purse at a makeup counter without knocking over a new nail polish display (whoops, my bad!).


Even MAC is getting in on the action with a new permanent line of nail lacquers coming this summer (July 5 to North American MAC stores, Nordstrom MAC counters and; international locales can expect them this September; $16 each US, $19 CDN).

Now, nails are nothing new to MAC. They’ve actually been painting paws for years with limited edition releases and special nail-focused collections like 2009’s Jin Soon, but this represents their first permanent polish line.

I’m pretty stoked about the range of colors because, like Baskin-Robbins, there are 31 of them in all, spread out among three different finishes in pearl, frost and cream. a lot of are new additions, but a few we’ve seen before in limited edition collections (like Snob, which we saw in fashion sets and Fiestaware, which we saw in casual Colour). You’ve got your dainty tea-and-crumpets nudes on one end and your deeper colors and hard girl shades on the other.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

This week I’m playing/painting with five of them, all of which feel thick and remind me of Essie’s nail polishes a lot more than Zoya’s.

I haven’t been wearing these particular shades for long, but if they’re like MAC’s other nail polishes, wear time must be alright. I’ve normally gotten about a week when I wear them with a base coat and a little longer with a top coat as well.


Overlacquer clear topcoat
Faint of Heart Palest milky nude (cream)
Delicate pale sheer ballet pink (cream)
Skin Light peach beige (cream)
Quiet Time beige nude (cream)
Snob Light neutral pink (cream)
Saint Germain Light cool pink (cream)
Fiestaware Mid-tone orange coral (cream)
Impassioned bright warm pink (cream)
Morange bright cream orange (cream)
Steamy bright mid-tone blue pink (cream)
Girl about town bright blue fuchsia (cream)
Shirelle classic bright red (cream)
Flaming rose true red (cream)
Coffee break Mid-tone cool taupe (cream)
Spirit of truth Navy blue (cream)
Deep Sea Deep teal (cream)
Rougemarie Dark blue red (cream)
Vintage Vamp rich deep white wine (cream)
Dark Angel Dark grape (cream)
Nocturnelle rich true black (cream)
Discothéque incredibly glitter silver (pearl)
Screaming bright incredibly glitter gold (pearl)
Soirée Sparkly light bronze gold (frost)
Girl trouble incredibly glitter pink (pearl)
Mean & green Purple with teal multi changing pearl (pearl)
Anti-Fashion Mid-tone dirty purple with pearl (frost)
Formidable! Teal green with pink multi changing pearl (pearl)
Midnight Tryst Dark cool grey steel with pearl (frost)
Nightfall Blackened frosty gunmetal (frost)
Sparks On screen (Online Only) incredibly glitter red (pearl)


St. Germain


Girl about Town


Of these here, some apply a lot more smoothly than others, and I’m not 100% sold on the brush… I like a crisp line at the base of each nail, but that’s been a little difficult with this brush.

If you haven’t tried a MAC lacquer in lots of years, I think their formula really has improved. They hold up much better than the MAC polishes I used in days of yore (like >3 years ago) and don’t chip anywhere near as easily or quicky. Plus, I think they’re normally shinier.

It’ll be interesting to see what MAC does with nails over the next few seasons.

Will they start churning out nail-focused collections regularly? will they add new colors often or concentrate on pushing re-promotes?

Hvem vet?


One thing’s for sure…I’d love to see a pack of Essie-style seasonal minis. That would be pretty cool, dontcha think?

Din vennlige nabolag appellavhengige,


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