Just Browsing: the best Brow Kits for the “Eyebrow Challenged”

What a difference 12 hairs makes

Ladies, I’m writing to you from a new and exotic place that I never thought I’d visit.

No, it’s not Costa Rica or Turks and Caicos — it’s the land of oh-my-gawd-my-left-eyebrow-has-effin’-disappeared!


This morning I had a very unfortunate event with some at-home wax. I’m kind of Hairy and the Hendersons, so my weekly facial hair removal sesh is a *must*.

Normally I pluck my brows and wax my ‘stash, but this morning I felt too exhausted and lazy to bust out ye olde Tweezerman.

After successfully de-fuzzing the caterpillar from my top lip, the mad genius in me (who only got four hours of sleep, mind you) chose that trying to wax my brows for the very first time made ideal sense.


Katter og sminke -sweatshirt ??

42 dollar

Handle nå

Let the official transcript of this blog read: trying a new at-home charm procedure after very little sleep is a bad CALL.

Long story short, now a big chunk of my left brow is missing. thank goodness only 12 hairs went MIA (yes, I counted them), but apparently they were very essential ones. now the left side of my face looks permanently frozen in surprise, a la the Joker.

To temporarily dull the emotional pain, I flat ironed my bangs to strategically cover the evil bald spot, whom I’ve named Raul.

Then, I went rifling through my stash of fall charm goods for some bald brow solutions.

Benefit brows A-Go-Go, $38

This eight-piece kit comes with *almost* everything needed to whip MIA brows back into shape, including brow wax, brow powder, tweezers and a teeny, tiny dual-ended brush for application.

Raul vamoosed after I followed brows A-Go-Go‘s clear step-by-step directions. Apparently, applying brow wax first and powder second is completely essential — who knew?

With the bald patch gone, my left brow looked strong, defined and very early ’80s Brook Shields.

I love this kit to pieces, but it’s missing one major thing — benefit really should’ve included a brow comb.

THE bottom LINE: despite the lack of a comb, brows A-Go-Go is an outstanding kit that kicks bald brows to the curb. makeup and charm blog Rating: A

Their brow powder applies very, very pigmented, and if too much gets unintentionally packed on, brows can look severe. I ended up using my own brow comb to mellow out the overly dark parts, but including one with the kit would really come in useful for on-the-go touchups.

Clarins eyebrow kit pro Palette, $35

Raul was no match for this sleek palette, which comes with three brow powders, wax, a peachy pink shadow and three mini-tools — tweezers, a dual-ended brush and a brow comb (YES!).

With the Clarins pro Palette, brows look a lil’ less dramatic, as the powders apply with slightly less pigmentation than Benefit’s. It creates very natural-looking brows, which I like.

Ease-of-use and portability are this kit’s strong points. Its slim silhouette takes up very little space in my makeup bag, and the broad mirror, which fits snugly in my palm, allows me to see everything without having to squint.

THE bottom LINE: The portability and natural brow look make this kit a winner. makeup and charm blog Rating: A

I hope you gals forgive me for not including before and after shots of Raul in this post. quite honestly, I couldn’t bear the thought of any future employers or ex-boyfriends gaggling at the sight of close-ups of my bald left brow on the interwebz.


Sukk. It’s gonna take a lot of retail therapy to recover from this morning. I see several pairs shoes in my immediate future…

Din vennlige nabolags sjarmavhengig,


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