MAC make-up Art Cosmetics Collection Pictures, Swatches and more first Impressions

Dagnabbit! I was supposed to start my laundry and go running this afternoon, but has any of that happened yet? Nei selvfølgelig ikke. My internal MAC Monster demanded I feed her swatches and pictures instead.

And who could blame her? — four stinky loads of laundry versus MAC’s upcoming make-up Art Cosmetics collection?


Well, you know how that went.

Within the humungo collection (34 pieces in all) are three different sets, each one with products designed by a different contemporary artist (painter Richard Phillips, illustrator Maira Kalman and photographer Marilyn Minter).

Today I took a look at nine of the items, a few from each of the three sets.


Katter og sminke -sweatshirt ??

42 dollar

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Product shots

Eye shadow X 4 Quad in Notoriety ($36)

Eye shadow in Crest the Wave ($14.50)

From left to right: Pigment in push the Edge, glitter in Gold ($19.50 each)

Technakohl liner from top to bottom: obviously Orange, full of Fuchsia ($14.50 each)

Lipglass from top to bottom: personal Paste, On display ($14 each)

Lipstick in Hold the Pose, $14


Eye shadow X 4 Quad in Notoriety from left to right: Skintone 1, rich & Earthy, Skintone 3, Notoriety

From left to right: Technakohl liner in obviously Orange, Technakohl liner in full of Fuchsia, Eye shadow in Crest the Wave

From left to right: Pigment in push the Edge, glitter in Gold

From left to right: Lipglass in personal Taste, Lipglass in on Display, Lipstick in Hold the Pose

Lipglass in on Display

Lipglass in personal Taste

Lipstick in Hold the Pose

A few thoughts…

Personal taste Lipglass and Hold the pose Lipstick apply super sheer; I really have to pack ’em on to get the colors to show.

Regarding the eyeshadows in the Notoriety quad, Skintone 1 (the shimmery pink) applies chalky and gritty on me with very little pigmentation; rich & earthy (the shimmery coral) and Skintone 3 (the warm, shimmery gold) apply smooth with rich color; while Notoriety (a shimmery, dark brown with golden sparkles) applies smoothly but surprisingly sheer.

Both the Skintone 3 and Crest the Wave eyeshadows look similar in swatches (shimmery gold), but once applied Crest the Wave looks cooler and more yellowish gold, while Skintone 3 appears warmer and more bronze.

Push the edge Pigment (a shimmer purple) bears a striking resemblance to one of urban Decay’s new fall shadows, Deluxe Eyeshadow in Freakshow.

I know it’s hard to draw conclusions about the full collection from such a small sampling (more on the way), but from what I’ve seen so far, I see a lot of pretty things, but nothing particularly breathtaking (except maybe On display Lipglass, LOVE!).

The collection is expected to hit counters next Thursday — I wonder if MAC is planning another early release…


What do you think of these colors? Are any jumping out at you?

Din vennlige skjønnhetsavhengig, rusavhengig,


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