Pardon My French, however holy Wow! Is That the $49 as well dealt with Pardon My French Set?

using products from the new $49 as well dealt with Pardon My French set on my eyes
Alright, then I will attempt to state it in French. “Ladurée, macarons, Gerard Depardieux…”

S’il vous plait, mademoiselle! Please pardon my French. I understand that it isn’t extremely good, however that’s what you get for not paying interest in high institution French class. as well as it’s even worse than normal when I’m sleep deprived.


Over the past few days, I’ve averaged about three hours of sleep per night, however ya know, that’s the cost one pays for excitement, as well as it’s been an interesting few days.

I’m back at house in Novato now, recuperating from my trip to Nashville, which leads me, in an undoubtedly contrived segue, to something I’ve been indicating to speak to you about for a while — the new Pardon My French set by as well dealt with Cosmetics ($49).

Available now at Sephora stores as well as, this restricted edition cutie-pie includes five pieces, however it’s a lot more like 13 (because one of them’s a palette). There’s an eyeshadow combination with nine powder eyeshadows, a small eye primer, a full-sized eyeliner, one tiny mascara as well as a makeup bag.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

The $49 as well dealt with Pardon My French summertime set comes with…

One small 0.11-oz tube of shadow insurance coverage

The Bonjour summertime Eye combination with nine shadows in Plumeria (a brilliant pink), Cocoa beach (a plummy brown sugar), Firefly (a copper), chocolate sun (a shimmery rich brown), Mermaid (a soft teal), Toasted Coconut (a matte caramel), Seashell (a shimmery dirty rose), Sand dollar (a peachy shimmer) as well as Sunbeam (a pale golden shimmer)

A tiny 0.25-oz tube of Lash Injection extreme volume Mascara

A full-sized 0.04-oz best Eyes water resistant eyeliner in best Black

One awfully adorable makeup bag

If you just experienced a moment of déjà vu, it may have been triggered by the Bonjour summertime Eye Palette. If the shades look familiar to you, that’s since it’s essentially last year’s summertime Eyes combination in different packaging, with the addition of a couple new shades.

This one trades last year’s shimmery, peachy golden Peach Fuzz as well as satiny Coral Crush for matte beige Sand dollar as well as shimmery copper Firefly, which don’t make up a remarkable modification in the general color vibe, however it’s sufficient to tell the forskjell.

Wearing Eyeshadows in Sand dollar Eyeshadow (all over lids), Toasted Coconut (crease as well as lower lash line), chocolate sun (outer corner as well as lower lash line)
I believe the addition of Sand dollar as well as Firefly warm the combination overall, as well as the addition of Sand Dollar, a matte beige, is just downright practical.

You understand the old stating (that I just made up): a woman can always utilize one more matte beige as an all-over lid color. They ain’t flashy, however they’re soooo useful.

As for Firefly, the shimmery copper, you know, I can’t truly state I’m crazy about it, to be honest. I wished to like it since I’m type of going with a shimmery copper phase, however I discover its shine gritty, as well as I notice rather a bit of fallout.

Så ja. Not my fave.

That’s shadow insurance coverage primer on my lids, best Eyes water resistant eyeliner on my upper lash as well as water lines as well as Lash Injection Mascara on my lashes
If you chosen up last year’s summertime Eyes palette, unless you’re a die-hard as well dealt with hoarder, you may not requirement this one.

That said, if you’re new to the brand or just new to eyeshadow palettes in general, I believe this would be a great location to start. It has a bit color as well as some killer neutral shades.

Swatches from the left: Seashell, Plumeria as well as Cocoa Beach

Sand Dollar, Firefly as well as chocolate Sun
Sunbeam, Mermaid as well as Toasted Coconut
I’m likewise using as well Faced’s sun Bunny Bronzer as well as candy glow best Flush blush on my cheeks as well as Melted nude Melted Lipstick on my lips
In these pics I’m using beige Sand dollar around my lids, shimmery golden tan Toasted Coconut in my creases, as well as dark shimmery chocolate sun in the outer corners, all of which mixed together beautifully without fallout.

If you’re still on the fence about this one, you might utilize the neutral shades as a starter base, as well as then add fun accents with the black eyeliner or the teal as well as pink shades.

Veldig pen.

As for the rest of the set…

The makeup bag: OOH! So great as well as roomy.

The tiny shadow insurance coverage Eye Primer: will assist your eyeshadows hang on to your lids all the time long.

Lash Injection Mascara: fantastic for thickening, however just okay for length.

Perfect Eyes water resistant eyeliner in bEst Black: En utrolig glatt, brukervennlig gelforing, men det tørker raskt, så arbeid raskt.

For $ 49 tror jeg at du får mye funksjonelle produkter med dette settet. Kan lage en bedårende gave til en kjæreste, eller kanskje til og med for Mamma – Morsdag kommer.

Pris: $ 49 (en $ 83 verdi)
Tilgjengelighet: Tilbys nå på Sephora Stores samt
Makeup samt klageblogg rating: a-

Reise snacks?

Spørsmål for deg – Når du reiser med fly, så vel som det er en lang flytur, tar du mat / snacks hjemmefra, eller får du på flyplassen?

Jeg spør siden på denne siste turen til Nashville, jeg var freaking sulten på flyet! Jeg brakte noen Lara barer samt en snack-sized Quaker havregryn kopp, som absolutt reddet min rumpe siden – du forstår ikke, lol! – Når jeg er sulten, blir jeg til et dyr. Jeg får bare virkelig krabbekjøtt så vel som irrasjonell.

Snackene holdt beast Karen bort, men jeg ønsket et ekte måltid, så vel som de ikke serverte dem på flyene.

Jeg forstår at jeg kanskje har fått mat på flyplassen, men jeg ønsket ikke å fare det. Magen min er mer, um, sensitiv enn det som brukes til å være, så vel som jeg ikke er i ferd med å “slippe unge av” på et fly, forstår du hva jeg sier?


Uansett! Tmi der … la meg forstå nøyaktig hvordan du håndterer matforholdene når du reiser. Spørende sinn vil vite.

Din vennlige samfunn appellavhengige,


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