From the Chanel Spring-Summer 2018 Collection: Mare-Chiaro Stylo Yeux waterproof Eyeliner, or “When green Is Good”

Mare-Chiaro, a beautiful bright yellowish green from the Chanel Spring-Summer 2018 Collection
So, I collect a lot of things. Like, best now I’m collecting broken ballpoint pens, apparently. Lol! I have six of them on my desk, and NONE OF THEM WORK. I just need to throw them away…

I don’t know what my problem is. I think I might be a hoarder in training…


Actually, I know I am, and I have to fight the urge to hoard daily, but that’s another story for another time! AHEM.

I also collect pencils… Chanel eyeliner pencils, that is. and if you don’t know about the Stylo Yeux line, allow me to rock your world. I believe they are, dare I say it, the best high-end liners around.

Stylo Yeux is Chanel’s line of skinny twist-up waterproof pencils, and the basic black shade from the permanent line, 88 Noir Intense, is my go-to black liner and all-time fave.


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Seriously, I could write a book of sonnets about it, and some of the LE shades are also epic, like Noir Petrole and Legendary Green.

The Spring-Summer 2018 Collection introduces a beautiful $33 LE green called Mare-Chiaro, which is a borough in Naples, Italy (thanks, Interwebz!), Chanel global creative makeup and color designer Lucia Pica’s hometown.

Green kitten wings, meow!
Lovin’ this on lash and water lines

It isn’t as dark as Legendary Green. In fact, now that I think about it, it’s borderline teal. It also has yellow, shimmer and a hint of blue in it (if you look closely).

There are so numerous things I love about the Stylo Yeux line, like how long they last on my lash and water lines. I also love how accurate and tiny the suggestions are, because you can really get down in between the roots with them and draw incredibly thin lines. They’re also really waterproof.

More shimmer than glitter
Green is good!
I was wearing Mare-Chiaro while chopping an onion the other day during a test run of Connor’s yearly birthday lasagna (she turns two on Friday!)…

This onion was intent on making me cry a river of tears, and by the time I finished dicing it, I looked like I had just viewed The Notebook.

Those tears were serious, OK!

But this eyeliner, which was on my water lines and lash lines, didn’t budge.

Some of the other colors are less resilient, though. With some of them, particularly the lighter LE shades, you really have to push them to maximum intensity on your water lines with lots of layers, but Mare-Chiaro is very pigmented. If I apply two layers, I’m good. Mare-Chiaro is smooth, doesn’t skip and doesn’t transfer into my crease when I blink.

Bra saker!


MAC has a similar color called Undercurrent in their Pearlglide line, by the way, but it isn’t approved for use on the water line (I think Mare-Chiaro just works better, too).

Din vennlige nabolag sjarmavhengig,


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