Clarins Is Going for Baroque with the Barocco holiday 2010 Collection

Ladies, I haven’t felt extremely attractive this week… On a scale of 1 to 10, my glamorousness has been hovering around a -3. With scrunchies in my hair as well as my bum glued to the couch as well as wrapped in stretchy pants, I’ve viewed just about every zombie film as well as TV show released because 1969. has it been educational? Sure, however it hasn’t been fantastic for glamor.

The new Clarins Barocco holiday Collection couldn’t have come at a much better time.


Look whatsoever that fancy… It’s like a shot of fantastic directly to the heart!

The floral swirls/filigree styles both inside as well as out, as well as the rich berry, gold, black as well as peach shades seduced the sweat pants best off me (actually, they were raggedy yoga pants). These are products begging to be used with a shimmery golden gown as well as dangerously high heels.

Clarins drew their motivation for the collection from the Baroque style, characterized by dynamic movement, overt emotion as well as self-confident rhetoric, as well as prevalent from the late 16th century to the early 18th century in Europe.

The collection itself is restricted edition as well as extremely small, with just four pieces, however man, oh, guy they’re striking!


Katter og sminke -sweatshirt ??

42 dollar

Handle nå

Clarins Barocco…

Barocco deal with combination ($55)
This golden peachy pink powder adds a warm, subtle sheen to the cheeks as well as face. I lightly clean it on the apples of my cheeks with a blush clean for a softly illuminating effect.

Barocco Eye Colour Trio ($40)
To my eye, this powder shadow trio’s stunna shade sits in the center pan, the shimmery sunset gold with flashes of blackish brown (like a tiger’s coat!). It sits between a matte brownish black as well as a shimmery blackish gold. NOTE: These shadows go on extremely sheer, so I’ve been applying them with a wet eyeshadow clean to assist ’em along.

Barocco Shimmering Gold Powder for deal with as well as Decollete ($35)
WARNING: risk will Robinson! Be very cautious when you open this, particularly if it was shipped to you. I wasn’t, as well as subsequently ended up with powder around my shirt, in my hair as well as on the restroom floor. a number of of the gold nuggets, which feel soft as well as practically creamy to the touch, should have damaged in transit. If you’re searching for a gold powder for deal with as well as body with huge pieces of uber-shimmer, you may truly such as this a lot.

Barocco Rouge Prodige ($24)
If you’ve viewed numerous period pieces, you’ve most likely seen purple velvet drapes of the kind that influenced this opaque berry lipstick. I like the method the deep shade, with its semi-matte texture, contrasts with the gold in the collection, as well as the scent- as well as flavor-free formula feels creamy as well as thick on my lips.

Barocco Rouge Prodige

Barocco deal with combination

Barocco Eye Colour Trio

Barocco Shimmering Gold Powder for deal with as well as Decollete

Swatches from left: Prodige lipstick, far left eyeshadow from the Eye Colour Trio, middle eyeshadow from the Eye Colour Trio, far best eyeshadow from the Eye Colour Trio, deal with Palette, Shimmering Gold Powder for deal with as well as Decollete

Barocco Eye Colour Trio

Barocco Rouge Prodige lipstick


Well, what do ya think? Did Clarins effectively opt for Baroque?

Your friendly community charm addict,


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