The new Zoya Tickled summertime 2014 Collection, as well as a quick fashion suggestion

using the new Zoya Tickled summertime 2014 collection with my preferred scarf…
Giddy-up, bit darlin’! We’re living in the Wild West of the nail polish frontier, where anything goes when it concerns suggestions as well as toes.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, when the lacquer landscape was tamer territory, many gals stuck to one shade of polish at a time, as well as if you felt like pushing the envelope, perhaps you’d get a French manicure or a little dangly appeal for your pinky.


These days, we’re method much more adventurous than that! Whether it’s nail art in your team’s colors, Skittles manis, accent nails, shine gradients, bumpy structures or ombre effects, anything it goes.

You can even match your nails to your accessories, which is what I’m doing now with the new Zoya Tickled collection ($9 per bottle).

With the six-piece summertime release of creamy shades, it type of seem like Zoya’s channeling Essie (in a extremely great way). right here my multicolored mani matches my preferred scarf, which I chosen up on sale at Anthropologie last summer.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

On my nails clockwise from my thumb: Rooney, Tilda, Ling, Rocha as well as Wendy; nail polish bottles clockwise from the blue bottle: Ling, Rooney as well as Wendy
On my nails clockwise from my pinky: Kitridge, Tilda, Rooney, Wendy as well as Ling (two coats each); bottles clockwise from the eco-friendly shade: Tilda, Rocha as well as Kitridge

I’m using two coats of each creamy, pigmented shade with Guerlain Le Gel topcoat (two words: shiny, sturdy) on top.

The smooth colors are packed with pigment (no streaks, BTW, not even with Kitridge, the pale pink polish), however a word of caution…

I’m just using them with a topcoat right here (lazy woman states what now?), however you may want to go all out with these as well as likewise wear a base coat.

Then, in addition to that, you’ll most likely likewise want Siri to remind you to reapply your top coat every other day.

Since I skipped the base coat this time around around, I started seeing little chips around the edges of four fingernails by the end of the second day…

Wearing a multicolored mani with a matching scarf is one of the quickest fashion tips/conversation starters I know, as well as an simple method to gussy up a fundamental attire like denim as well as a tee, or a easy black gown (I do everything tiden).

With multicolored manis, I get out of glancing down at my nails as I’m typing. extremely suggested if you spend a great deal of time at a computer.

The Zoya Tickled summertime collection shows up on Zoya counters as well as may 15 (bottles, $9 each).

The collection includes six creamy colors…

Rocha, a coral red

Wendy, a coral pink

Kitridge, a pale carnation pink

Rooney, a medium bright pink

Ling, a denim blue

Tilda, an avocado green

Netflix binging BBC’s The Paradise

I’ve been doing A great deal of Netflix binging lately…

So much binging that I believe I may requirement a new hobby, lest my butt permanently connect itself to the couch.

One of the shows I’ve binged is BBC’s The Paradise, about a plucky woman (I like that word, “plucky”) who works as a sales partner at a big department store in 1875 England.

She has a knack for advertising but, since of the times, isn’t always taken seriously. She comes up with some extremely imaginative methods to get around Victorian conventions.

I didn’t expect to get sucked into this (I ultimately got a bit burned out on Downton Abbey), however I did! I was hooked after the very first episode.


I believe it’s a bit cheekier than Downton as well as moves at a great pace. Stick it on your listing for possible Netflix marathon sessions.

Ditt vennlige samfunn sjarmavhengig,


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