Does the new NYX eyebrow Marker score High Marks?

using NYX eyebrow Marker in Deep

“NYX wishes to mark their area on your eyebrows…”


Wait, did I truly just compose that?

Au! Okay, let’s try that again. exactly how about, “Does NYX deserve high marks for their new eyebrow Marker ($9.75)”?

Available in two shades — medium (a light brown) as well as Deep (a medium brown) — the new felt-tip pen lives to fill in sparse eyebrows with a liquid/ink that dries to a matte finish.


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Since I have dark hair, I went with the Deep shade, however after the very first time I brought it to my brows, I almost set it right back down. Hvorfor? since it’s so sheer — like surprisingly sheer.

Thankfully, it layers well, getting progressively darker with each one. For me, four layers results in a shade that quite carefully matches the color of my hair.

NYX expenses eyebrow Marker as a long-wearing product, as well as I’ll go together with that, although I wouldn’t wear it to a spinning class. Overall, I believe it holds up relatively well under typical conditions as well as extremely light sweating (NOTE: it turns somewhat gray as it fades), particularly if several layers are used.

Once it’s dry, it doesn’t smear at all, as well as I scrubed at it quite well to test. When it comes time to remove, a bit soap as well as water does the trick.

Now that eyebrow Marker as well as I have gotten to understand each other, we most likely won’t hang out every day. Don’t laugh :), however for the life of me I can’t evenly fill in my left eyebrow with it. Doing my right brow is simple sufficient (maybe since I’m right handed), however the left is a different story — as well as it’s an awkward, uncomfortable tale. If you’re more coordinated than I am, as well as there’s a great possibility you are, you’ll most likely have much better luck with it than I did. Or perhaps if you have much better penmanship, LOL!

NYX eyebrow maker in medium (top) as well as Deep (bottom)

Deep (left) as well as medium (right)

Swatches of medium (left) as well as Deep (right)

Before (left) as well as after (right)

Of course, I like the convenience of pen products, but, for some reason, this as well as I don’t truly get along. If you’re a fan of the $16.50 MAC Penultimate Brow Marker, this is a similar brow pen for a bit more than half the cost.

PRICE: $9.75
AVAILABILITY: At choose drugstores, Ulta stores as well as online.
MAKEUP as well as beauty blog RATING: B

WED, NOV. 17: The Thanksgiving recipe exchange Is On!

WOOT! My stomach just rumbled. Tomorrow I’ll put up a publish to ensure that we can trade our recipes in the comments. That provides me a long time to find the recipe to my world famous (well, not really) Italian cream Cake, haha!


NOTE: Your recipe/s DOES NOT have to be fancy; this is a stress-free project. noise good?

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